Private Investigators in Nairobi Kenya

RVS Kenya offers Personal and corporate Private Investigation services all over Kenya. For over ten years of corporate service, RVS Kenya has been a leading provider of all nature of investigative services in Kenya and East Africa making us a reputable, well networked and experienced investigative outfit for all your personal and Business requirements.

Pre Employment due Diligence services all over Kenya.

Our Investigations services include

  • General private and corporate investigations.
  • Corporate and Business fraud.
  • Insurance investigations.
  • Surveillance and detection.
  • Corruption identification and investigations.
  • Asset tracing.

When looking for private investigative consultants, with experienced and innovative detectives, contact RVS Kenya for further insight.

Investigation services in Kenya.

RVS Kenya is one of the leading Investigative Service provides in Kenya. We offer you reliable, confidential and experienced investigative solutions to personal matters, business and organizational requirements.

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RVS Kenya

Pre employment checks and vetting services all over Kenya.

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