RVS Kenya Refund Policy, Kenya.


Refund Policy.

  • All services offered by rvskenya.com are requested by the user / client free of he,s  will without coercion, misrepresentation or false pretense.

  • All service,s shall be deemed to have been carried our with all due care and prudence, and where service requested cannot be obtained due to logistical, delays arising out of procedural setbacks, compliance, official delays, system failures or other unavoidable circumstances, THIS SHALL NOT amount to or be assumed to be, failure to deliver on service promise.

  • This is not a retail store. All service sales are final.  Where rvskenya.com has submitted your documents to the relevant departments for processing, the client user shall understand that Bizbrokerskenya.com cannot influence, control or push for the processing of such services and we shall be at the pleasure of the processing authority.

  • We do not offer refunds on any service unless the said service is grossly misrepresented. If a refund is given it will ONLY be for the cost of the service. Logistics, Official Fees and Handling are NON REFUNDABLE.

  • If there is a problem, we can work together to resolve the problem.

  • We will make every attempt possible to resolve the issue if we made a mistake.(It happens). Please do not assume a mistake is intentional. Let us know if our service could be better!!

  • A refund shall always be given in the manner in which the original service purchase was paid for unless otherwise agreed by both the client and service provider.

  • When the disservice is caused by the clients misinformation and negligence.
  • If the client has used the service and is subsequently dissatisfied with the same service.


  • When there is nothing wrong with the service reports, but the client has changed he,s / her mind.