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Background checks.
Prior to conduction and business transaction, it has become necessary to carry out a check on the people you deal with.
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Document Attestation.
Attestation and legalization of Kenya issued documents for use abroad.
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Document verifications
Verify all documents quickly and diligently. Tender documents, log books, title deeds.
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Company and Registration information.
RVS Kenya offers you fast and reliable company searches and information services all over kenya.
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Due diligence
Require company information, address verifications, list of directors nature of company business
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Vehicle ownership / status verification
Buying a vehicle, truck, car? Verify the real owner of the vehicle, conduct a vehicle search and.
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Private Data Recovery
When Private data is lost due to device crash or error, you need a reliable and private service to foremost protect the recovered information .
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Public records reports
Marriage, birth and death records verification, whether for litigation, employment, insurance.
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Private and corporate Investigations
General private investigation services, screening, corporate fraud.
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Property ownership / status verification
Buying property, an apartment, plot, building, Verify the real owners and title status of the property.
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Counterfeit Investigations.
Counterfeit and trademark violations investigation services all over Kenya.
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General VIP and Executive security services.
Executive security services, Body guards and Event security.
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Process Service .
Delivery and service of court Documents. Missing persons search
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Divorce and Family Investigations.
Divorce Support, family and Infidelity Investigations.
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