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About RVS, Kenya.

Rapid Verification services Kenya offers an unparalleled client experience at the most competitive rates and deliver the best overall value based services on your requirements.

Our key strategy is "fast and reliable service deliver".

We understand your need for accurate and reliable information and we have made it our core business and pledge to deliver a rapid and reliable information service.

In a dynamic, fast paced and ever changing world, it has become not only necessary, but a MUST DO, to verify and cross check any presentations, documents or transactions made to you, whether in business, employment or investment.

Rapid verification services Kenya, is quickly growing to become the backbone of business, investments and employment in Kenya.

As a pioneer information service, Due diligence, Business support service provider in Kenya, we boast, experience, reliability and a dedicated team to make our service delivery to you on time and as per your expectations.


What we do.

Verification and Investigations Kenya.

  • Document verification.
  • Document attestation..
  • Due Diligence.
  • Background checks.
  • Investigation service

Private Detective Services Kenya